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Testimony & Dedication.



Being an avid reader through the inquiring adolescent stage,

and influenced by Spiritualists in the family, I explored many of the occult beliefs.

I had read portions of the Bible, but couldn’t make real sense of most of it.

Fortunately by twenty, I also become aware of the international conspiracy against me,

my kith and my kin. I came to see that the Occult philosophies do not have our

best interests at heart, and in fact encouraged our demise as a people.


This is when I prayed to a God I did not know, and implored:

If You do exist and the Bible is Your book, then show me !

My mother, brother and I looked around, and thankfully He does exist,

and is showing what is His truth: He introduced us to others He was teaching,

and joining a church with them I learnt a lot. Later I prayed for a bride –

and in time He gave me two sons !


While getting to know the girl I would soon marry, I would visit her family on

weekends, attend church service and then return to work – all three a hundred miles

apart. As usual one particular weekend, I planned to attend the second service with my

mother and brother on my way back to work. However, for some reason my mother

insisted I attend the earlier service first. In her determined way she pressured me

very much against my will to do so. To no avail I still tried to rather visit my

future wife first, and go to the second service on the way back home.


As a young student I often had to report to the headmaster for corporal punishment.

I had to force myself to report to him although my body was shaking and resisting.

In this instance I was trying not to report to church, but something was forcing

my trembling, resisting body to attend. Behind them and fighting it all the

way, the three of us walked in last to the earlier service, against every

shaking fiber of my being, and sat down in the back right pew.


Soon into his service, “Smittie” the pastor suddenly said in a different tone:

And you Michael have been brought here for a special purpose tonight !

That’s all He said, and I immediately understood and affirmed that I would do it !

The shaking ceased and I was happy. Today I know that if He wants you to do

something, then when the time comes to do it, He will require it of you,

no matter how far you’ve backslidden ! Smittie introduced us to

His nameYahweh

and I am thankful that I at least never gave that up.


There was no excuse,

even although I was not attending church,

but very soon caught up in the world I slid back into it.

Many years later, when I was finally the furthest away from Him,

I had an unusual dream:

I was fighting a huge python which had its massive coils wrapped around me.

Face to face with this creature, I had a dagger in my hand with the blade

imbedded in its bulging head. I woke up with a feeling of foreboding.

The only consolation was that I had stabbed it in its huge head.


Over the next two years my life became progressively difficult, like the breath

being constricted out of it. Then under terrible circumstances for the next eighteen

months, I started struggling back to Yahweh, accepting my daily struggle until He

determined otherwise. Over the decades I had always acknowledged that, in time,

I would have to perform that “special purpose of His. I had also constantly

believed that it would be a written work. Now, every struggling day

I would talk to Him, and wondered how I would avoid the

enmity of the world while saying what He wanted.

Eventually He gave me the answer:


Let Him do the talking !


Then after this I had a second dream:

I was fishing in a harbor on a dark night with the

steel fishing vessels and harbor lights in the background.

Immediately after the first cast I had a strike, and knew that I had

hooked a really big one. Working it to a nearby slipway, I had to wade in

chest deep to push the huge tuna-like fish, the size of a small boat, out the

water. Waking, I deduced that it would be a dark day in the future:

but there was a miracle in the making for us.


Things were a little better for the next fifteen months, but still

under very difficult circumstances for all of us.

Then I had a third dream:

My wife, sons and I were walking in the neighborhood against a strong wind.

Eventually, while holding hands and battling forwards against the wind,

we were able to escape indoors. The wind however followed

us in, and we were hanging onto the furniture

with our bodies flying in the air.

Realizing that this was definitely no ordinary wind,

I told my wife and sons “ Wait here while I go see what this thing wants !

I stepped outside into a gloriously calm, sunny, sky-blue day. On the other side

of an enclosed lawn courtyard a person in white robes was sweeping the walkway,

and pointing over towards a paving plaque on the perfect green grass said:

Stand over there.” I stepped onto the plaque and immediately a

whirlwind encircled me with leaves flying all around - 

and I heard a booming voice above say:




immediate weak answer

was a pathetically feeble excuse:


 “ I was coming back !


 At that point I woke up in a terrible state,

my whole body shaking, with tears running down my face.

I resolved to start His work soon, but after a couple of procrastinating

months I had the fourth dream: This time I was on my own, and on the horizon dark

clouds gathered. Three distant tornadoes quickly formed and started moving

towards me. As they drew closer and larger, they joined into one.

I started running away as it continued to approach me.

I knew then, with the massive dark whirlwind

behind and above bearing down on me,

that I was literally running

for my very life.


Once again,

I woke up in the same terrible state:

This time, very soon afterwards, I began planning,

and later bought a computer. With my sons help I became

computer literate in the process of starting His

   “special purpose” –

twenty seven years after He first told me of it, when no one knew of the

internet as it is today and most people were unaware of the

occult Illuminanti and New World Order etc.


After starting His work things again became a little better,

but still under very difficult circumstances.

 Yahweh knows:

you cannot give a procrastinator an inch !

Now, after many hours of hard meticulous work,

section one of His special purpose is on the internet:


culminating in


70 Holy Days / The Temple Calendar





 ( Is this the dagger in the pythons head )


I have let Him, as He has guided me, do most of the talking.

In the process I have also come to learn and understand a great deal.

Little did I know that I too would become in this way a

 “ fisher of men .

I have discovered that nothing else in life,

with the exception of praising


seems as important or rewarding or satisfying,

 as fishing for men.



as part one is published on the internet, I dedicate it to my mother

Colleen Victoria,

 who helped get me to the church on time:

Prudent in all her dealings and of whom my father says

wild horses couldn’t drag out a confidence. Hard working and talented

in many ways, and a perfect example to all

 procrastinators !






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