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Part 1.


The Greatest

Love Story

Ever Told




of the Lamb










The Temple Calendar




Holy Days




Part 2.


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This web-site joins those  Christians  already online, who are

lifting His personal ensign and blowing the trumpet in Zion.
The inspiring Biblical  Marriage of the Lamb  below, identifies both

the ensign and trumpet, that are being raised worldwide: for His people !
It is also the inspiration for the creation of this web-site.

Although always known to scriptural scholars and translators ( from

Old Testament times right up to the present ) His name, under different

pretexts, has been either strangely transliterated or totally replaced with

imitation titles. However, in accordance with scriptural prophecy,

and commencing in the 1950’s  when the European

colonies started being trimmed off:

 “. . . In that time . . .

and in spite of the clergy, He began revealing

  . . . His name . . .

to receptive Christian laymen !

To the best of my knowledge this began in the

United States of America, and by 1975 was apparent in the

Republic of South Africa. I was introduced to His name and truth in

the early 1980’s, and am thankful today that I at least clung to His name !

His word, written on many different levels for our improvement,

is in addition an immense intriguing  jigsaw puzzle -

the greatest spiritual challenge in print,
ready to be pieced together for His purpose.


Generally speaking, Caucasoid man has over many many

generations, migrated around both the Caspian and Black seas -

small groups of them branching out in various directions. This cycle

was repeated into recorded historical times and many of these

wandering Gentiles have become known as
Indo-European people,

speaking different Indo-Semitic/Eurasiatic languages.
Out of similar Gentiles, Abraham and his seed were chosen and blessed:

to increase, colonise and change the world !

But in time, most were first conquered and deported into Assyria.

After the fall of the Assyrian Empire, lost tribes of Abraham’s seed

migrated west into Europe: multiplying and spilling over, ever

west-wards in successive waves and a variety of names.
Supplanting their distantly related Gentile predecessors,

they eventually re-united with earlier colonies

of their own tribal kinsmen in the

. . . isles . . .


Western Europe
colonised the world as Christians -
increasing worldwide into their many millions.

 Surely the Bible prophesied this amazing chronicle ! 

Isn’t it also interesting that everything which Western Civilisation has

achieved and we can be thankful for, can be attributed to pioneers
who were strongly rooted in their Christian faith !

Greek and Persian and Roman Gentiles had everything going for them,

from great thinkers to climate, yet remained technologically static

for over a thousand years.

Why didn’t or couldn’t they advance towards the industrialised era ?

They had more than enough time to progress further !

    Evidently genes are not enough !

Protestant Europe however, prophetically sucked their intellectual milk

over fifteen hundred years later, with awe inspiring results !
Can we deny His hand in this :

from darkest Papal superstition - to the moon, Mars and stars

in under five hundred years. If that  isn't “Manifest Destiny  what is ?!

Never forget that Western Civilisation itself and it's lifeblood,

is firstly, exclusively and in fundamental nature:
a Christian Protestant prodigy !

This is the germinating unparalleled Spirit

carried foreward by the Nazarenes of Pella beyond

the Jordan, and  finally, after 1260 years, broadcast by them

as the persecuted ‘heretic’ Waldensians of the Italian Alps ( Revelation 12:5-6 ).

Without this, civilisation would have remained relatively stillborn

as in the days of the pagan

Persians, Greeks, Romans and Papal Rome !

Ironically, pagan ‘superior’ esoteric mysticism failed them then,

yet tries to claim all of the credit today ! In accordance with Biblical
prophecy, those
Gentiles are now only a residue of their former

selves, in the sea” of humanity. On the other hand, their Christian

barbarian cousins, have flourished and transformed the world -
as prophesied !

His word 


lives through the ages and  His spirit  opens our eyes to its truth.

I am thankful to those who taught me, and to those on the

internet sharing what He has revealed to them.

They are all affirming and clarifying

the authority of Matthew 5:17-20 and Strong’s Concordance :

Constructed by James Strong with more than a hundred colleagues,


Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible


is the most widely used concordance for the King James Bible.

It allows us to look up the meaning of the New Testament

Greek words, or the Old Testament Masoretic

Hebrew text - vowel pointed in the

early Christian era.
We can therefore see how they were translated, into English,

in the eloquent King James Version. This translation,

beginning in 1604 and finally published

seven years later in 1611,

seems as perfect a translation as their

advancing Biblical learning allowed in that time.

Since then He has exponentially increased our knowledge.

By means of Strong’s Concordance we can therefore debate and

put forward, how they would have translated the same words
into English, with what we know today



the Old Testament Greek


and the

Dead Sea Scrolls,

were both used at, and before, the time of Christ !

Thus, unlike the Masoretic text, the pre-Christian Septuagint and possibly

all of the Dead Sea Scrolls, including their calendar practices,
cannot be so easily adulterated by modern
anti-Christian Pharisees:

In those days, these scriptural  lawyers  were wise serpents- a


 “ generation of vipers



  I send you forth


  as sheep in the midst of wolves:



  be  ye  therefore  wise  as




    and harmless as doves.


  ( Matthew 10:16 )


Now, in these times, the -diabolical Illuminanti- declares that laymen,

like ourselves, have no credibility as far as  his  new established

orthodoxy is concerned. In other words he will decide

for Christians how they must see the Bible.

He now decides how Christian academics intended their inspired and

laborious research to be used. In his new versions, this false

prophet decides for all of us what the Bibles

accurate meaning’ is:


   O yes, this satanically  articulate  2nd. beast of Revelation,

“. . . the false prophet . . .”
has stealthily been here for many years, deceptively teaching

and speaking a false message of his future arrival,

while from within their very homes,

he  causes  the un-wise sheep  to worship
and accept the first beasts




and his defiling mark / smudge / doctrine:

through  visually  and  subliminally  induced
lawless  beliefs, ( thoughts ) and  deeds, ( handiwork )

i.e. iniquity

in  forehead  and  right hand !

Both beasts are hierarchal systems:


What is the most all-powerful yet unseen system in the world today ?!

How can the Illuminanti not be the second beast of Revelation ?
How can it also not be in the seminaries, just like it is in everything else:

Why do you think that he is called  “ the false prophet ” ?!

I am sure James Strong and all his colleagues, intended the

results of their inspired hard work to be used


by all Bible readers !


The money powers giveth credibility and taketh credibility away !

The Bible is the Illuminanti’s greatest adversary in the battle for men’s

minds and spirit. The Bible, used with Strong’s Concordance, is a threat to

them and their New World Order ! They discourage us making use of them

in independent study and investigation, while they also engineer shrewdly

changed  copyright  Bible publications, of their own  profitable


politically correctnew improved versions:



to hide the truth !

They know, for example, that

deleted words  and  proper nouns they have subtly altered,

have far reaching and profound implications:
literately changing our perception of history

prophecy and ourselves, by deceptively altering,

blurring and merging the definitions of His words !

Even well-known reputable Bible Dictionaries are affected !

wise ” !
If you do use the

Authorized / King James Version,

or any of the other reputable translations,

then when you feel it necessary,

use Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to decipher the words


back  into the original,  for yourself !  Work out what  you

think the appropriate English word should have been in 1611.  Things will

become clear ! The results are often surprising in the light of the rest of the

Bible, history, modern life and science. Check the context they are used in.

Check it against related verses, and other equally reputable translations.

You can even reference the so called experts to aid your study - or on

the other hand, you can sheepishly believe everything that the

second beast, the false prophet of Revelation, says as:

Gospel Truth’.

   The choice remains yours :


And I heard another voice from heaven, saying,


Come out of her, my people,

that ye be not partakers of her sins,

and that ye receive not of her plagues.

( Revelation 18: 4 )



by this false prophet is healing

the head wound of the first beast of Revelation.

Since nowinterfaithorthodoxy accepts these two beasts,

Protestantshave againcome outand  separated  themselves:

These new holy faith protesters are reproachfully attacked

 by the beastly Roman, Babylonian and

     Illuminanti systems.


This web-site joins Protestants online, who are
lifting His personal ensign and blowing the trumpet in Zion.

With all internal linksMarriage of the Lamb can be downloaded
as an inspiring Biblical introduction to His persuasive truth !

The bulk of its links are shortcut references to its previous pages,

which support the points being made or others already made.
These repeated pages are revision, but if you missed the

often subtle truth, these reviews may bring things

into an amazingly sharper focus.

Some of these links, however, contain astonishing and valuable references

not included in the main text !


Most of these are noted as Appendixes at the foot of their pages.
They are also listed in the  contents  as linked word documents

for easier and separate printing.


Use the buttons to download a working CD version of this website.

After down-loading, the internal

blue links

can still be automatically accessed

by holding down Ctrl and clicking on the link.


Additional ongoing work can be found in the Navigation section.

With future updates, all documents can be downloaded,

copied and printed out:

 Only for free distribution !




Testimony & Dedication



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